Pre-Surgery Thoughts

Today I’m having a small Crohn’s-related surgery at 1:00. Please keep me and Josh in your prayers the next few days as I recover! The daily blog project will keep running becayse I have posts scheduled for the next few days (I know I could’ve taken a break but I didn’t really want to).. I’ll probably share any health updates on my twitter if/when I feel up to it.

Currently, I’m…

nervous about surgery. I know that it’s a simple procedure and I trust my surgeon, but still. It’s kinda scary.

the next few days of recovery. I have been through this before (four years ago) and it was awful. But I think that since I have a better idea of what to expect this time, it won’t be as bad.

(that it won’t be as bad, haha) also hoping that this surgery will be the first step toward healing and proper disease treatment. I’m hoping that 2017 is the year I stop experiencing daily pain and as a result I will miss out on fewer adventures.

Depending on
Josh! He has been such a calming presence for me in the weeks leading up to today. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I really don’t. These next several weeks aren’t going to be easy for him as he takes care of me, but I have complete confidence that I’m in good hands.

Thankful for
• peace that passes understanding in the face of fear and uncertainty • a kind surgeon and doctor whom I trust • cash discounts • getting to celebrate a little bit of Christmas early • real live Christmas trees • praying friends • kombucha • kiwi fruit • thoughtful gifts from friends • family • hope • my sweet husband •

What are you currently feeling, dreading, hoping, depending on, and/or thankful for?

5 thoughts on “Pre-Surgery Thoughts

  1. This is crazy to read. I am in the SAME situation. I have Crohn’s and I am feeling so anxious. I am dreading having a procedure done Friday (one I also had four years ago…small world) I am hoping that my doctor figures out why I am in constant pain and miserable all the time, even though my blood work comes back perfectly every time and shows no inflammation. I am depending on the Lord to calm my mind and ease my crippling fears. I am thankful for a loving family and fiancé who prays for me and cares deeply about me and will do whatever it takes to help me get to feeling “normal.” I am also thankful for a kind doctor who is patient with me, especially when I randomly cry in his office and freak out on the regular!

    Praying for your surgery, Kelli! I haven’t met anyone who has a similar journey like mine. So it’s comforting, in a weird, unfortunate way. I pray all goes well and recovery is easy and painless!

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  2. Hi Kelli! My family and I will be praying for you ❤ hope your surgery goes well and that God will be with you and Josh every minute!


  3. Praying over your surgery today, Kelli! No matter how small, it’s still a surgery and it still is scary as can be. But you seem like a tough gal, you’ve got this. Plus you’ve got a great big God and a wonderful caring husband by your side through it all. 🙂 I hope all went well today!


  4. I am so behind on your blog right now so I made sure to put some time aside to check it! I haven’t really been online that much lately! You already are home from the surgery, but looking back on this, I wonder if recovery is going well so far for you?


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