3 Helpful Items for Post-Surgery Recovery

So, yesterday I had surgery for a Crohn’s-related issue that was causing me a lot of pain. I hope this surgery will help fix it! Since I’m probably currently knocked out from the pain and/or pain-pills, this post and the next few days’ posts will be pre-scheduled. I might add quick updates to the ends of what I’ve scheduled if I’m feeling up to it, but the best place to watch for updates will probably be my twitter (and maybe Josh’s twitter).

Here are three things I bought in preparation for post-surgery recovery (I hope they are as helpful as I’m expecting them to be!).

ā€¢ Blackout curtains to keep our bedroom nice and dark for sleeping during the day.

ā€¢ Neck pillow for keeping my neck supported in whatever propped-up positions I find most comfortable.


ā€¢ Serving tray for meals so that A) I don’t have to balance plates on the bed or worry as much about spilling soups & drinks, and B) it makes it easier on Josh to transport dishes to and from the kitchen.

Do you have any other suggestions for me (or random people who stumble across this post because of google)? Share in the comments!

*update: Oh my gosh I am feeling SO much better than I expected to be. It might just be because I’m on some amazing pain meds, but as I’m adding this update (Wednesday night), I’m feeling pretty good physically and awesome emotionally.. I’m relieved and hopeful! I am feeling some pain and discomfort, but truthfully it’s comparable to the pain and discomfort I was feeling before my surgery (and this CURRENT pain is more positive because there is hope it’ll heal me up correctly). Thanks to everyone for your love and prayers! 

It’s worth mentioning that these three items have already proven to be useful as I rest, so that’s cool šŸ˜‰ 

2 thoughts on “3 Helpful Items for Post-Surgery Recovery

  1. My pastor got some sort of infusion that leaves him short of breath a lot as a side effect for his Crohns. Do you get that? It sounds rough. It is sad when you sometimes hear it in his sermons (but he does great). Perhaps you can do some drawing in bed? Drink lots of water? Get some reading done that you’ve been wanting to do before the year ends?


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