Friday Favs: Gift Wrapping / Christmas Music / Podcasts

Here are a few of my favorite things I found on the internet this week:

• Wrapping presents. I finished all the wrapping early this week. I find wrapping gifts to be so satisfying – even relaxing! This is the method I use:

• Leslie Odom Jr.’s album Simply Christmas. This man’s voice is so smooth! Leslie played Aaron Burr in the Original Cast Recording of Hamilton – he sings my favorite song of the musical, in fact (“Wait for It”). This Christmas album is gorgeous and I think it’s probably going to become a standard around here in future Christmases.

• I switched to the Pocketcast app for podcasts this week and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the iPhone’s native podcast app. My favorite feature is that it separates your unfinished episodes from your unplayed episodes, AND you can divide your podcasts into different lists.

What are your favorite things this week?

One thought on “Friday Favs: Gift Wrapping / Christmas Music / Podcasts

  1. I always have wrapped presents in the same way. My mom always has me wrap every present she ever has bought for others in the past 25 years for her because I enjoy wrapping. I won a wrapping contest when I was about 7. haha. Weird. I will say though, in the church I used to go to for a few years, when they had those wrapping parties for presents going to low-income families, I used to want to correct people in how they were wrapping presents (and would warn them they’d be short on certain gifts). It is bad! I actually took about four girls aside who were about 7-10 years old to show them how to properly wrap a present. They were doing so badly that I said, “If you saw a stack of presents like that, would you want to unwrap it or would you go to unwrap the nicest wrapped ones instead?” haha. Oh goodness….


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