Post-Surgery Foods

I’m writing this on Tuesday, so I don’t actually know how these foods are working for me as you read this. But I’ve done my best to prepare so I’m hoping that things are running smoothly and I’m getting enough sustenance to maintain my weight and help my body heal! (If you’re looking for post-surgery health updates on me, your best bet is probably to keep an eye on my twitter or Josh’s twitter.)

Last time I had surgery, we were completely unprepared (we didn’t realize that the procedure was going to be so invasive or that it would take me so long to recover). One of the biggest things that threw us off was food. We didn’t know what I should eat and we didn’t have good food stocked up for me. Part of the problem was that I was nauseated for a few days after the surgery so my appetite was very low (I honestly only wanted mashed potatoes). Another problem was that Josh didn’t have the time or skills to make a bunch of different foods for me. I basically ate only mashed potatoes and turkey meatballs for weeks (both of which Josh’s mom so kindly made for me). I lost a lot of weight and I’m sure that those foods weren’t doing much in the way of helping my body heal. This time around, I want to make sure I’m giving my body the nourishment it needs while also making things as easy as possible for Josh.

There’s no way to predict which foods I’ll handle well (y’know, because of nausea / loss of appetite / Crohn’s disease in general) but I’ve stocked up on a variety of healing and nutrient-dense whole foods in the hopes that something will work:

  • bone broth, frozen into individual portions (bone broth has great healing properties)
  • savory mashed sweet potatoes (mashed potatoes are one of my favorite comfort foods, but white potatoes don’t pack much nutritional punch.. so I made mashed sweet potatoes instead. I love sweet potatoes, so I think this will be a fine substitute)
  • boiled eggs (hello protein)
  • lots of fruit: apples and bananas because they’re simple, plus a few fruits I pre-cut for easier serving (papaya, persimmon, and kiwi fruit)
  • grapefruit & pomegranate jellos (made with with fruit-only juice & grass fed gelatin)
  • canned chicken (canned because it’s easier to store, requires no cooking, and mixes easily into the mashed potatoes the way I usually like it when my appetite is low)

Some of these are my go-to sick day foods and some of them are just things I came up with while brainstorming healthy, easy-to-prep foods. What are your go-to sick foods?

One thought on “Post-Surgery Foods

  1. Canned chicken is the best when I don’t feel good! It’s the protein you need and you can mix in with the things that you actually feel like eating! Hope you’re doing okay and that this surgery is going to help you improve! Prayers your way!


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