FAQ Update on Kelli by Josh


Hi, everyone! It’s Currently Josh, Kelli’s husband. She had all the posts this past week pre-scheduled, but today she asked if I would mind writing something up about how she’s doing. So here are some answers to questions we’ve been getting about what’s been going on this week.


*I’m new here, what is going on?
Kelli had a Crohn’s Disease-related surgery this week.

*Oh geez, is she okay?
She’s doing fine, now. She had this same surgery a few years ago, and her recovery time was lengthy then. This time, however, she is feeling much better, much quicker! Such a blessing. Kelli is still taking it easy in bed, but overall, she’s still her normal self, except she’s on pain medication which can be kind of funny sometimes.

*So did this surgery solve the problem?
It was a necessary first step, but there’s still a ways to go. Thankfully, we’ve found some good doctors this time, and we are optimistic.

*When will Kelli start writing posts that aren’t pre-scheduled again?
Tomorrow! 🙂 She’ll share her weekly goals, and detail how she did on her goals for last week.

*Anything else going on that we need to know about?
I don’t think so. I guess that’s about it.

*Is it fun to ask yourself questions?
Yeah it kind of actually is.

*Are we done here?
Yeah, I guess so.

4 thoughts on “FAQ Update on Kelli by Josh

  1. That’s what happened with my brain biopsy. The first one I had was horrible. Changed doctors, and then had a another one it it was amazing! I felt like I could run a marathon the next day.


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