3 Things I’m Focusing On in 2017

I know that we haven’t even celebrated Christmas yet, but my mind is already in New Year’s Resolutions mode. Like I said yesterday, I prefer setting monthly and weekly (and even daily!) goals for myself, but I think that having a few over-arching New Year’s Goals are good for determining the direction of your shorter-term goals. The following three goals are what I’m focusing on in 2017.

1. Healing. I’m pursuing my health at FULL TILT this year. I’m going to work with my doctors to treat my Crohn’s disease. I’m placing a priority on developing healthy habits and improving my lifestyle, one day at a time.

2. Growing. In maturity and character, and also in ability. I’m going to practice the skills that are important to me. I’m going to push through when things get tough. I’m going to keep seeing a counselor and work hard to figure myself out.

3. Loving. Myself, my family, my friends, the world. I’m going to prioritize self care, time with family, keeping in touch with friends, and giving time and/or money toward causes I believe in.

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