Friday Favs: Dog in a Dress


Confession: I don’t really like these friday favs posts. They take a lot of work and there’s not much payoff.. and I don’t just mean for me – according to analytics these links only get clicked by <10% of people who view the posts (which means that less than ten percent of you are even interested). I’d rather just share cool links when I find them instead of hoarding them for Friday and/or searching for something at the last minute every Friday to bulk up my post. This’ll probably be the last one (unless I find like a million cool things this week that I want to share on here, haha).  That said, there were two things I wanted to share this week:

• This article was really helpful to me in the last week: 10 Best Healing Foods to Eat After Surgery

• This video of a dog in a dress is probably the cutest weirdest thing I’ve ever seen:

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday! See ya tomorrow.

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