Last week’s goals:

1. Keep resting: A

2. Regain Appetite: A
tbh I may have regained a little too much appetite this week.. Definitely had a food baby going on after yesterday’s Christmas dinner 😛

3. Rebuild Strength: A
I’ve made a point to walk around each day as recommended by my surgeon to help with the healing process.

Bonus goal: Get out of the house / see Rogue One if up to it: A+
I actually got out of the house 4 out of 7 days last week. It was great.

This week’s goals:

1. Healthy habits reboot
This crazy month (and being ill for a few weeks before that) messed up my self-care/healthy habit routines so this week I wanna start reimplementing those.

2. Work out every other day
I’m doing some light weight training routines with the intention of slowly building up my arm strength and I want to continue.

3. Take down Christmas stuff
This doesn’t have be done immediately but I’d like to at least have it down after the weekend.

4. Make plans for New Year Resolutions/Big Project
I still haven’t decided on a big project. I had an idea but have since scrapped it because it would’ve been too time-consuming. Idk, I might just not worry about it this year.

3 thoughts on “Reboot

  1. Hi Kelli!

    First off, I hope you’re still recovering well! You’re in my prayers! Secondly, if you were still looking for a New Years project thing, I recommend an app called “day one”. It’s a journaling app that I decided to get because I wanted to keep a journal but have never been able to actually sit down and write consistently! You can add pictures, and it adds in the weather, and your location… even what music you’re listening too at the moment! I think it’s super cool– just wanted to give you an idea!

    Megan Bockelman @macattackgurl BIG Blimey Cow Fan! 🙂

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