Just Rambling For a Bit

My year-long daily blogging project is winding down – I started January 7, so there’s about a week and a half left – and I’m ready for a break! It’s like senioritis but for blogging. I can see the finish line! Just gotta push through for a little while longer to get there.

I am planning to keep blogging after the year is up, but not every day anymore. I haven’t decided on any particular schedule yet, but I know I want to continue.

Today was nice – I got to hang out with friends including one whom I don’t get to see much since she lives out of state. I really enjoyed playing games and being around my people tonight. I am tired, though.

I am really heartbroken about Carrie Fisher’s passing, and her mother Debbie Reynolds’ quickly following. Star Wars and Singing in the Rain were two of my favorite movies as a kid. I’m not sure why some celebrity deaths hit us more than others, but this one was rough for me. I’ve cried a few times about it and I don’t really know where to channel that sadness. I feel weird talking about it like I’m trying to make it about me. I don’t mean to. But I’m really sad.

I’ll tell you what, it makes me miss my mom and dad. They were out of town for Christmas and I’m ready to go spend some time hanging out with them. That reminds me – my dad called me today while I was in the shower and I completely forgot to call him back! Ugh, hate it when I do that. Writing myself a note to call him in the morning. (Dad, if you’re reading this and I haven’t called you yet – try again!)

Okay well I have reached the point that I’m kinda just sharing my stream of consciousness so I think it’s way past time for me to go to bed. I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately (pretty sure it’s a combination of coming off of pain pills after a week and my dog’s snoring) but hopefully tonight I’ll have better luck.

See y’all tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Just Rambling For a Bit

  1. I think that not blogging every day is a good idea, Kelli! When I first started my blog, you inspired me to post every single day, but I quickly found that it was not a good fit. I dreaded having to post the next day and found that my posts were growing weaker and weaker. You have done a great job fulfilling your part of the deal! Congrats!


  2. Kelli, I understand exactly how you feel about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds – I was reminded this week that it is okay to be sad about it. For some reason, I was feeling weird and guilty about grieving, since I didn’t know them personally. I felt almost like I didn’t have a right to be sad. But they were people that had a huge impact on us, and it is totally appropriate to mourn their passing. I found lots of freedom in remembering that we are told to “weep with those who weep.”

    Thank you for your blogging this year – I have loved following your daily posts, and will continue to read and be encouraged by you in whatever schedule you decides works for you!

    Happy New Year!


  3. I think what was most shocking about these two deaths are that both of them set things as their own….I was obsessed with Debbie Reynolds’ films like Singin’ in the Rain, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Charlotte’s Web, Tammy and the Bachelor, How the West Was Won, and The Rat Race. I grew up more failiar with her work than with Carrie Fisher’s other than the original Star Wars trilogy (though I did see one other of her films where she was in leopard underwear running around. . .my only memory of the film). Anyway, I think what prepared me for this was that Carrie Fisher had her heart attack and was in recovery. Her mother said she was recovering well in a tweet but I was still preparing a little. When Debbie Reynolds died because she wanted to be with Carrie and got a stroke, that upset me much more. It was really sad. It was really sad. As sad as I am about it, I am angry that people don’t mourn others who aren’t famous dying by the dozens to millions at once. I think ALL death should devastate us. I am really sad for it all!!

    I told my mom how I was so sad about Carrie Fisher (whom she can’t stand at all and my dad calls a “ding bat” but I always loved her and her personality and had made her new book one on on my to-read list two days before she died). Anyway, my mom was all, “Why are you sad?” I said, “Because she was 60 and you are going to be 67 soon. It is just weird.


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