3 Good Things That Happened For Me in 2016


Look, I think we can all agree that 2016 was a pretty rough year. I mean, it’s become a meme to point out all the crappy things that have happened in the last twelve months. “Thanks a lot, 2016, you’ve killed off a bunch of beloved people, the world is terrifying now, and you’ve ruined everyone’s lives. Harambe.” Truthfully I’m ready to leave this year behind too. BUT I want this blog to be a positive space. Not even for your benefit; i want that for myself! haha. So today I sat down and wrote down as many good things that happened this year that I could think of. It ended up being a much longer list than I thought it would be! Here are 3 of the best things I did this year:

1. Working through my Doctor/medical treatment anxiety and seeing a counselor for general anxiety.

I’ve been afraid of seeking medical treatment for my Crohn’s disease for YEARS because of bad experiences with doctors in the past. I’m talking panic attacks, waking up in a sweat after nightmares, and ultimately putting my health at risk because I couldn’t make myself go see a doctor. I’ve known for a long time that I needed to get over that, because as a person with an active chronic disease I really need to be under medical supervision. Finally, this year I decided enough was enough and I started seeing a counselor to help me through that anxiety (and other anxieties, but this was definitely one of the biggest motivators for me to seek out help). It ended up being so, so helpful and my counselor is actually the person who recommended the gastroenterologist I’m seeing now! I plan to continue seeing my counselor periodically next year to continue working through fears/difficulties, get to know myself better, and grow as a person.


2. This daily blog project.

While I don’t pretend to be producing extraordinary and useful content on this blog (I always say it’s basically just my public diary), writing every day has been such a positive experience for me. There have been many days this year when I’ve been too sick or depressed to get out of bed, and the only thing I accomplished on those days was to get a post up on this blog. I’ve also made some friends from readers and gotten to know real-life acquaintances better because of this blog! I think that is my favorite thing to come out of this project. I didn’t expect it, but I’m happy about it.


3. Going to Disney World/Adopting our dog Mia.

Okay, i’m cheating a bit by combining these but I’ll allow it because we found her the day we got home from WDW. I make the rules here! 😛

Disney World was such a fun trip. Not only did I get to experience ~*~ the magic of Disney World ~*~ but I also gained a lot of insight into my Disney-obsessed husband’s love for Disney. Conversations about Disney stuff before this August were sometime boring and tedious for me because I didn’t have the interest or understanding that Josh did (and he was talking about it like every day). Now, I have better context for a lot of the Disney things that Josh gets excited about and we can have actual conversations about them instead of a one-sided nod-and-smile conversation. I think it’s improved our relationship because we can be excited about it and talk in depth about it together! It might sound silly, but anything that facilitates connection and communication is valuable.

After we lost Lulu in June, we decided we weren’t ready to adopt another dog for a few months while we healed from that loss. We decided together that we’d give ourselves some time to grieve, and only start looking for a new pup IF we still wanted one after our Disney trip. We didn’t want to feel like we were replacing her. Well, the day we got home from Disney World, Josh found Mia online. He was ready! I decided I was too so we picked her up the next day and our lives have been a few levels crazier ever since. She’s a sweetheart and even though she drives me crazy some days, I’m happy that we found her and that she’s our girl!


There were a lot of bad and sad things that happened this year, but it’s good to remember that it wasn’t all bad. What is something good that happened to YOU in 2016?

5 thoughts on “3 Good Things That Happened For Me in 2016

  1. Hi Kelli. Wow, Mia looks like so much fun! Props to you for keeping up with the blog too!

    I’ve been able to spend more time at home with my 3-year old son which has been incredible. I’ve also grown a ton as a writer this year. (The hard way, but hey, I’m growing!) Now I’m digging into podcasting head first.


  2. One good thing that happened for me is that I finally got my Aspergers diagnosis. That has helped so much in understanding why I am the way I am. For years, I used to wonder and worry about why I was so different from the people I was surrounded by. I also developed anxiety that largely centered around being overstimulated and unsure of social cues. But I’ve started taking medicine for anxiety and that’s helping a lot, as does just being able to understand myself.


    • Praise God! Ya know, something I read today in my devotional reading and in the Bible is that God makes us all unique. We don’t all function the same, and that’s ok (Romans 12:4-6). I have problems with anxiety and often feel bad because I see the joy and peace of others around me, and I start to wonder why I don’t feel that way too. But God loves us, is pleased with us, and will never leave us. He’s not done with us yet. It’s like something Kelly posted on Pinterest recently. It’s ok to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. I tell ya, God is the only one who can take our weaknesses and our brokenness and turn it into something beautiful.


  3. Something good that happened to me this year is that I got to start seeing a counselor too. For so long I haven’t been able to see one because I have no money for medical expenses of any kind. Then, I started going back to church this year (I GUESS THAT’S ANOTHER GOOD THING HAHA), and my church offers a ministry for hurting people called “Stephen Ministry.” When I met with the leader of the ministry, she referred me to a pastor at the church who is also a nationally certified psychologist. And one of the best parts about the whole thing is that meeting with the counselor is totally, one hundred percent FREE! God is truly good all the time, and all the time God is good! Love you Kelly. I hope that the Lord gives all of us a wonderful New Year!


  4. Aww that is really wonderful about how you got Mia. I hadn’t known and it is a nice story! I really like the list you made in general. It is nice that some good things came about this year!

    I think one of the best things of the year was going to visit my best friend in Maine after not seeing her in three years. We were able to make a fun stop in Massachusetts on the way to and back too. It is nice because the last time I was in that state, I was inside the whole time and didn’t get to enjoy it. Other than that paying off my husband’s school loan was the best because I have hated it since day one. HAHA. Now to finish off paying my Jeep and we are debt free (which will happen this year, hopefully within the first few months).


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