Today’s blog post is my 52nd consecutive Motivated Monday blog post! Dang. That’s a lot of goals. I’m proud of myself!

Last week’s goals:

1. Healthy habits reboot: B-
I did okay with this. Could’ve done better.

2. Work out every other day: F
Ugh, I just. completely failed. I didn’t keep up my streak. I don’t have a good reason for it.

3. Take down Christmas stuff: F
Now this one, I do know why it didn’t get done. I was consumed by the online Survivor game that Josh is hosting. It takes all my brain space and I was lucky to get anything done this week. Apparently I need to work on priorities & general responsibility, haha.

4. Make plans for New Year’s resolutions/ Big project: A
I finally settled on what I want to do for my Big 2017 Project. I’m not going to start it right away because I’m still getting things ready, but I am excited!

This week’s goals:


1. Healthy Habits
Getting back into a healthy routine

2. Work out every other day
Let’s try that again shall we?

3. Take down Christmas stuff
Probably will do this on Wednesday, because tomorrow is pretty crazy. But I’m ready to get everything packed away ASAP.

4. Finish strong on my last week of daily blogging!
My year of blogging ends on Saturday. I’ve been feeling a bit of senioritis about the blog but I’d like to try to make the last week good. I’m planning to take a short break and then come back with 2-3 posts per week.. or whatever becomes natural. We shall see!

4 thoughts on “#52

  1. I will miss reading every day but I am glad you are going to keep the blog going! I can’t wait to see what your next “BIG” project is!


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