3rd Place in Survivor

For the last ten days I have been playing a game of online Survivor that Josh hosted via Facebook. I’ve gotta say, he made a great Jeff Probst. The game was SO much fun – full of twists and puzzles that made things really interesting.

I met new friends, got to know old friends better, found 3 hidden immunity idols, got to be sneaky, strategized, played Facebook mini games for hours, betrayed allies, miscalculated others’ loyalties, got WAY too emotionally worked up and stressed out in real life… oh, but it was a blast. I laughed out loud a lot; I even cried a couple times, haha.. (that’s embarrassing, but it’s true). I didn’t sleep very well most nights, but I woke up excited to play every day. It was really intense and weird and fun and now I’m going to have to unlearn the paranoia I’ve developed during the last ten days.. “Why is this grocery store clerk making small talk with me? What does she want?” lol


me and my notes during a particularly intense voting situation

I played a lot better than I expected: I lasted until final 3! The 3-person alliance that I formed on day two made up the final three so we must’ve done something right. Unfortunately, I had played a little sneakily and gotten caught, so in the end I wasn’t chosen to go along to final tribal. I think I could’ve made it to the final two and maybe even won the whole thing if I hadn’t miscalculated a few key things (maybe I’m just kidding myself, haha). But it was okay – I am proud of my social game and I think both finalists were worthy adversaries.

Cheers to Survivor!

P.S. Josh started a daily photo project for 2017! The photo above is from Day 002. I’m so excited to see what he comes up with this year. You can find his photoblog here.



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