About the Blog

Currently Kelli started as a daily blogging challenge for 2016. That daily project has ended with the new year, but the blog remains! Currently, I’m in transition between the daily schedule and a more normal blogging routine. I’m hoping to improve the content as I can spend more time on my blog posts now – in the meantime, you can expect a lot of rambling & personal posts about health, personal growth, family, love, and life.

Curious about my daily blogging challenge? Each day of the week followed a different theme:

Daily Categories

Motivated Monday (weekly goals)
Twitter Tuesday (a few of my favorite tweets I saw that week)
What’s-Up Wednesday (what’s up with me right now, or things I’m currently digging)
Three Things Thursday (exactly what it sounds like.. a list of three things)
Friday Favorites (a round-up of cool things I came across) or Photo Friday
Saturday Skill (something I made, or something I learned)
Sunday (my free day – whatever I’m feeling)

You can read more about me here. I hope you will take a look around, and please say hi!